Terms of Use


Chat Room Rules

Welcome to our chat community! To ensure a safe, respectful, and enjoyable experience for all, we kindly ask that you adhere to the following rules:

General Guidelines

1. Respect Others: Treat all chatters with kindness, regardless of differences. No hate speech, offensive language, or personal attacks.

2. Constructive Discussions: Engage in discussions that add value. Avoid excessive arguing and disruptions.

3. Courtesy Rule: Treat others as you wish to be treated � with respect, patience, and empathy.

4. No Spam or Promotion: Refrain from spamming, excessive self-promotion, or advertising in any form.

5. Identity Verification: Do not impersonate others or use false identities.

Content Restrictions

6. Explicit Material: Sharing explicit, adult, or pornographic content is strictly prohibited.

7. No Inappropriate Links: Do not share links to explicit or harmful websites.

8. Respect Copyright: Do not share copyrighted materials without proper authorization.

Privacy and Safety

9. Protect Personal Info: Do not share personal contact information, including phone numbers, addresses, and social media profiles.

10. Avoid Sharing Links: Refrain from sharing personal websites or social media links.

11. Reporting Concerns: Report any suspicious or inappropriate behavior to moderators immediately.

Respectful Conduct

12. No Discrimination: Discriminatory language or behavior based on race, gender, religion, or nationality will not be tolerated.

13. Bullying and Harassment: Do not engage in bullying, harassment, or intimidation of any kind.

14. Respect Opinions: Disagreements are allowed, but respect the opinions and beliefs of others.

Chat Room Etiquette

15. Stay on Topic: In themed chat rooms, stay on the designated topic for meaningful discussions.

16. Avoid Floods: Do not flood the chat with a high volume of messages in a short time.

17. Caps Lock: Refrain from typing in all caps as it is considered shouting.

18. Language Usage: Use language appropriate to the chat's theme and audience.

19. Greetings: Greet new members and make them feel welcome.

Moderator Interaction

20. Follow Moderators: Obey the instructions of moderators and administrators promptly.

21. Dispute Resolution: Address concerns about moderation privately rather than in the chat.

User Behavior

22. One Account Per User: Maintain only one account to prevent confusion and disruptions.

23. No Trolling: Do not intentionally provoke or annoy others for amusement.

24. No Begging: Avoid asking for personal favors, gifts, or financial assistance.

25. No Underage Users: This platform is for adults only. Users below the legal age are not allowed.

Dating Chat Rooms

26. Respect Boundaries: When engaging in dating conversations, respect personal boundaries and consent.

27. No Unsolicited Images: Do not share explicit images or content without explicit consent.

Role-Play Rooms

28. Follow Room Rules: In role-play rooms, adhere to the specific rules set for that theme.

29. Consent and Content: Respect the consent of others and avoid explicit role-play without agreement.


30. Reporting Abusers: Report any abusive behavior to moderators immediately.

Politics and Religion

31. Civil Discussions: Engage in discussions about politics and religion with civility and respect for diverse viewpoints.

Sensitive Topics

32. Sensitivity and Respect: Be sensitive and respectful when discussing topics like mental health, trauma, and personal experiences.

Hate Speech

33. No Hate Speech: Do not engage in hate speech, promote violence, or threaten harm to others.

External Links

34. Avoid Unverified Links: Refrain from sharing links that lead to unverified or potentially harmful websites.

Custom Emojis and Symbols

35. Respectful Emojis: Use emojis and symbols that are respectful and appropriate for the chat context.

User Content

36. Responsibility for Content: You are responsible for the content you share and the consequences of sharing it.

No Solicitation

37. No Solicitation: Do not solicit users for money, personal information, or any other form of personal gain.

Personal Disputes

38. Address Disputes Privately: Resolve personal disputes in private rather than in the chat.

Mature Content Rooms

39. Age Restrictions: Users must be of legal age to participate in mature content rooms.

40. Follow Room Rules: Adhere to the specific rules set for mature content rooms.

Invasion of Privacy

41. No Invasion of Privacy: Do not invade others' privacy by sharing personal information without consent.

User Blocking

42. Blocking Users: You have the right to block users whose behavior makes you uncomfortable.

Moderator Authority

43. Moderator Decisions: Accept and follow decisions made by moderators and administrators.

Account Security

44. Account Protection: Keep your account credentials safe and do not share them with others.

Technology Etiquette

45. No Malicious Content: Do not share links to viruses, malware, or harmful software.

Community Collaboration

46. Collaborative Atmosphere: Contribute positively to the chat community's atmosphere and well-being.

Chat Interruptions

47. Avoid Chat Interruptions: Do not engage in activities that disrupt the normal flow of the chat.

No Begging

48. No Begging: Avoid begging for gifts, attention, or special treatment from other users.

Multiple Languages

49. Language Use: Use the primary chat language to ensure everyone can participate in conversations.

Enjoyable Experience

50. Positive Experience: Aim to make your chat experience enjoyable for yourself and others!